Diesel brothers big rig style

6 door ram

Today’s subject is this beastly “little Ram”, Just kidding on the little part. It’s everything but that. This monster is sporting a Suncoast full auto gear box, military grade axles front and rear, a diesel Cummins engine that has too much after market delight to list. This bad boy is from our friends at dieselsellers.com  They have it on the market and anyone would love to get their greasy little hands on it. The best way to describe this Truck is “Get the Fu$$ outta my way”, to put it nicely.  There is a plethora of modifications and a slew of hidden mechanical advancements that propel this larger than life rig down the trail or highway.

With a monster of a diesel engine powering is 32-foot long structure it has no problem burning rubber off all four corners at the flick of the throttle.

Stay tuned guys and we will be posting more on each area of this amazing machine and it’s owners. for now, “Keep on Truckin!”



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