Hail repair OKC | Hail Restore explains aluminum repairs on 2017 Ford F250

Hail Repair OKC | Hail Restore owner James McElhany explains aluminum repair and the solution for it.

If you’re in the market to buy a diesel, They have the right contacts when you are looking for that special truck. There are a million guys out there saying they know Diesels. Let us be the first that crush your little black smoke filled hearts. They don’t know as well as you think. There is so much hype over the ever so sought after diesel engine powered trucks of today. They have the payload rating of a dozer and the comfort of your lazy-boy in your living room with a cold beer in hand. But, with all this new technology comes a new issue. The repair of the new all-aluminum body panels. They have some shops scratching their heads and others turning down jobs. We have interviewed a couple places and they state that there is a special need for these trucks. We interviewed a long time friend from “OKC” and he has some good news for all his customers in OKC and Dallas. Yes, they have both states covered. James the owner at Hail Restore is a very knowledgeable bloke on aluminum. James advises – “After a huge hail storm in OKC we had in 2013 we had so many aluminum F150’s to repair for a fleet company here in town that we got plenty of experience on the pain in the-you-know-what metal.” James stated that the metal is unlike steel that has a memory and will go back in place fairly easy when repairing hail damage or door dings and with aluminum it takes time and many times heat. Yes, Heat. They will use heat guns to warm the metal to aid in the repair process. This helps the paint and metal soften up so the repairs are possible. Paintless dent repair is a perfect solution for the aluminum. “The need for a whole separate facility is required to keep any other metal contaminants out of the aluminum so there is no corrosion,” says James. So that is that on aluminum sheet metal. There are other options for repairs besides conventional repairs and a long waiting list at the local collision center. We will have many more trucks to talk about soon so stay tuned.




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